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Captains log

Date Description
28-05-2017 Updated the Vehicle page, with newest numbers for the Peugeot 206.
07-01-2015 Updated SKY Radio player to use the AUDIO tag so it works with Chrome and Safari (Android/IOS).
30-09-2012 Added software downloads to the site.
12-06-2011 Started moving the site from Microsoft IIS to Magnolia CMS.
07-10-2009 Yes I'm still alive. Btw. SKY Radio changed their streaming address, thus the link has been updated - who can live without SKY Radio :)
25-03-2005 Added image galleries with pictures from Fjellerup, the forrest near Fjellerup, Varde city, the vehicles I'd owned and a few shots of my self.
27-11-2004 The entire site was updated to use the RPC Web Application engine. The CSS and HTML code was cleaned up, a nice gesture to the upcoming three year anniversary of this site, at the end of this year.
29-09-2004 The rotating image system on the information page was updated It uses a database with several historic events. It now selects an event close to the current date. If no event is found is selects a random event, or if several events occurs on the same date, a random event is selected among the found events. The events contains a date, some text, a image or video and perhaps a link.
17-07-2004 The RPC Administrator page was replaced by the Vehicle page.
11-04-2004 The information page was updated with a "rotating" image system, showing random images with text.
12-03-2004 Updated the About and Communicate pages with vCard download and information about how to send encriepted e-mail messages to me.
07-02-2004 On the About page, I've added live WebCam video from Varde Town Hall Square.
23-11-2003 In September 2003 I was accepted as a member of St. Clemens in Århus. Now I have added a page about freemasonry.
17-11-2003 I have captured my two hour Lifestyle Satellite Jukebox recording, and updated the LSJ page with content details of the new video file.
06-08-2003 From November 15th, SKY Radio begins broadcasting state-wide in south scandinavia. I have added link to SKY Radio Hessen (germany) to my SKY Radio music link list.
02-08-2003 The Microsoft .NET Standard server (beta version) on the ITDD.DK server, is replaced with the final version.
27-09-2002 The in-house ADSL connection, see 17-01-2002, is increased to 512/512 kbit/s
The server is replaced with a Microsoft .NET Standard server (beta version testing)
14-07-2002 Webmaster and CV
Added a page about my Webmaster jobs. This page will grow into some sort of CV
15-05-2002 RPC Scandinavia
Added quick Danish telephone number search. Courtesy of Danmark.com.
02-04-2002 RPC Scandinavia
SKY Radio was added below the menu. People can choose between SKY Radio Netherland or SKY Radio Denmark
SKY Radio is always a good choice
06-03-2002 RPC Scandinavia
Counter was added. This counter don't count my own visits to the page
28-01-2002 Software
The Software page was reintroduced, with the RPC Excel AutoCalendar
17-01-2002 RPC Scandinavia
The site has moved in-house to a Linux server, connected to the Internet on a ADSL
30-12-2001 The Dukes of Hazzard
Added crew list with links to official homepages and links to each actors IMDB page
23-12-2001 Country Music Television
Added information about my "The Best of Country Music Television" CDs, including track lists
22-12-2001 RPC Scandinavia
The launch of the new RPC Scandinavia site. The old layout has run for a couple of years now, and I wanted a nice Star Trek look. Don't you think that I've got it

Some minor changes not included!

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