About René Paw Christensen
René Paw Christensen at COP 15

I live in south Scandinavia close to the sea.


My profession is IT, I work with NetApp storage, VMware ESX virtualization, Linux and Windows systems, Citrix XenApp, Citrix Provisioning, MaridDB, Microsoft SQL, and a lot of other system administrator technologies. My IT hobbies are things like Linux and other open source - and C#.


My favourite kind of music is Country music, and I deeply miss Country Music Television - which ceased its Scandinavian broadcasts many years ago. On the small screen I love classic TV series like The Dukes of Hazzard, Rockford Files, Quincy and off course Star Trek.


Name René Paw Christensen.
Age 47 years old, born in Varde om September 11th 1971.
E-mail rpc@rpc-scandinavia.dk

Gartnerengen 21
DK 085 85 Glæsborg



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