The Dukes of Hazzard

This is one of the best comedy/actionTV series I'd ever seen. Good News, Good News! The Dukes of Hazzard is out on DVD at a fair price. Lets hope that the Enos series will be released aswell. Another wish would be some of the great "driving" music by the WayLords, realy a must for true Duke fans.



The setup

The series takes place in a little county named Hazzard, which don't exist in real life. Hazzard county is squeezed in between several southern states located east of the Mississippi and south of the Ohio. The nearest big town is Atlanta.


The opposition

Hazzard county is run by one man, Jefferson Davis Hogg aka. J. D. Hogg or Boss. Boss owns the town bank, hold most folks moorages and runs the local drinking hole, The Boars Nest - where the beer is as flat as Holland. Boss also love food, he eats all the time - in fact he is the biggest man in Hazzard both in size and wealth.


Boss is married to Lulu, she is Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane sister, and Rosco is Boss's right hand, and they split right down the middle 90% to Boss and 10% to Rosco, why? Boss can't bear having Rosco put into a higher income tax class ;-(


Enos Strate and Cletos Hogg is Rosco's deputies, they are both very clumsy, and couldn't catch a Duke, even if he/she were driving with one hand.


The Duke family

Uncle Jesse is the Duke patriarch, he lives with Bo, Luke (The Duke Boys) and Daisy.
Luke is the brain, and Bo is the driver - however they both through a pretty good punch in a fair fight and must be born behind a wheel.


Daisy works for Boss at the Boars Nest, ironic because she often overhears Boss and Rosco plan how to catch and jail the duke boys.


Cooter Davenport, the local mechanic, is a deer friend of the Duke family, and he often help Bo and Luke proof themselves innocence from one of Rosco's crop up charges.


Why is The Dukes of Hazzard so popular

First of all, is isn't a typical 90's studio series, it involves a lot of car chases and other scenes out door. In average two-three General Lee cars is crashed in each episode!


Then you have the good background music to the car chases, you got the stupidity of Rosco, Enos and Cletos, often when they chase Bo and Luke, they end up totally crashing their own patrol cars.


Also the fact that though Boss and the Duke family are enemies, they sometimes work together fighting a common enemy. Jesse and Boss go way back to before Boss become crocked and mean. They used to run moonshine together - that means that they made Whisky and were often chased by the police trying to deliver the Whisky.


And for you guys, yes - that's right, Daisy Duke.


The Balladeer

Finally I must mention the Ball leader, Waylon Jennings - yep its the famous country singer. He binds the story together with a few nicely put comments now and then, always before and after a commercial break. He has even written the title music.



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