The vehicles I have owned

This is the vehicles I have owned through time.


Model Peugeot 207 1.4 HDI
Year 2008
Bought 10. june 2008
Sold Present day (25. june 2018)
Owned 3.667 days
Distance 182.044 km
Cost per day 110,00 kr. (69,28 Kr., when excluding the car purchase)
Cost per km 2,22 kr. (1,40 Kr., when excluding the car purchase)
The story

After all those old cars, that never passed the vehicle inspection, I really wanted a new car.


So after looking at some small cars, I decided to buy the Peugeot 207, mainly because the price difference between the petrol and diesel engine was small, around 3.000 kr.


The Peugeot was a "demo" model, and it had run around 600 km. when I got it. I newer regretted buying a Peugeot.


Model VW Polo 1.3
Year 1992
Bought 25. august 2006
Sold 10. june 2008
Owned 655 days
Distance 29.970 km
Cost per day 94,29 kr.
Cost per km 2,06 kr.
The story

This was actualy a good car, but sadly it was to expensive to repair it for the vehicle inspection.


I had decided to buy a new car, but hoped this one could last four years, giving me time to save some money as the payout.


Model VW Polo 1.3 (Diesel)
Year 1987
Bought 10. march 2006
Sold 25. august 2006
Owned 168 days
Distance 7.560 km
Cost per day 118,40 kr.
Cost per km 2,63 kr.
The story

This one lasted under 6 month. I was so happy to finally get a diesel again, because of the low fuel cost.


But one day walking towards the car on the parkinglot at work, I spotted what I thought was the seatbelt hanging under the door.

But to my suprise it was the bottom of the car only held in place by the carpit. When I put my foot under the car and rocked it against the bottom, the drivers seat was rocking as well.

So my last trip in this car were the 11 km. from work to home, pressed all the way back in the seat and my arms stretched towards the steering wheel. Well that was fun!


Model Opel Kadet 1.6 S
Year 1988
Bought 15. july 2004
Sold 10. march 2006
Owned 603 days
Distance 20.000 km
Cost per day 77,52 kr.
Cost per km 2,34 kr.
The story

This Opel Kadet 1.6 S is the fastest car I ever owned. It was a nice experience hitting the pedal.


But the elecrtics was bad, and the plastic around the fuses was melted. I discovered that the fuses popped when I used the heating in a special way, so I had a lot of new fuses in the ashtray. Finally that didn't work any more.

So I scrapped three fans from some old servers and put them in the frontwindow, and wired them up to the heating button insted of the "buildin" fans. Well it was a sight, but it worked and I could defog the window again.


The fuelpump also broke, and the car smelled of petrol. A friend and I discovered a hole in the fuelpunp which caused a small petrol-fountain when I hit the pedal. The fuel economy was not good those days. I took a chance and drowe to work, and after a couple of days the fuel pump was replaced. The car didn't explode - now I know that explotions in american movies are exaggerated.


Model Ford Fiesta 1.1
Year 1986
Bought 22. november 2002
Sold 15. july 2004
Owned 601 days
Distance 19.763 km
Cost per day 62,11 kr.
Cost per km 1,89 kr.
The story

This was my Ford Fieste 1.1 "fighter", and it was raw power.


I actually won a car race with a Lada up the Viby hill (Jyllands Posten) in Århus. It was a triumph, and the other cars was cheering behind us by blinking their headlights :-)


Fully stuffed with 1½ liter CocaCola buttels, leaving just room for the driver, the car's value increaced by 1.600 kroner.


Model Daihatsu Sarade 1.3
Year 1987
Bought 30. january 2001
Sold 22. november 2002
Owned 661 days
Distance 20.000 km
Cost per day 69,71 kr.
Cost per km 2,30 kr.
The story

There is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

And this Daihatsu surely was rotten, I think you have to dive downto the Titanic to find more rust.


When I sold the car, the buyer drove it to work, but he didn't have the guts to drive it any more. It cracked so strange when he hit the brake.


Model VW Golf 1.6 (Diesel)
Year 1985
Bought 4. januar 1999
Sold 30. january 2001
Owned 757 days
Distance 22.000 km
Cost per day 99,10 kr.
Cost per km 3,41 kr.
The story

I got my drivers license in december 1999, and like all other in the same situation, I was eger to get my own car.


So i took a loan in the bank and bought the first and best car i saw, well in hind-sight not the best because it costed almost 15.000 kr. in repairs. And after two years, it could still not pass the vehicle inspection.


But I was very glad for the car, because it was a diesel. And in those days you could get heating-oil direct from the pump - without the extra tax. And I claim that it was quite legal, because the primary purpose was the heating of the cabin and the momentum was a side effect :-)


I don't have any pictures of that car.


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